About Us

Gracefully Aging Senior Services, Inc. is a start-up 501c3 nonprofit organization established to provide Adult Day-Care Services for seniors in the Golden Triangle Area. Gracefully Aging will provide a program of activities, health monitoring, socialization, and assistance with daily activities which allows individuals to continue to live in their homes and receive needed care in a supportive, professionally staffed, community-based setting. Access to services enables users to remain in the workforce or receive needed respite and by providing them with direct services (e.g., educational programs, support groups). We will provide cost-effective care, while supporting individual autonomy, allowing individuals to gracefully “age in place,” and enhancing the quality of life for both participants and family caregivers. 


Gracefully Aging Senior Services, Inc. was established to provide services that cater to the mental, social, and physical well-being of aging citizens of the Golden Triangle area,  offering daily care, activities, and programs designed to make aging a graceful experience for those participating. Seniors are an under-served group of people who are often left to just quietly fade away. When people reach the age where their movement slows down, their activity is limited, and their abilities diminish, they often find themselves spending a great deal of time alone. This often leads to feelings of insignificance, abandonment, and loss; which can result in the progression of illnesses – particularly those pertaining to the mind.